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Leading Enterprises is a diversified company which counts on a multicultural approach and an international vocation, being a powerful presence with clients all around the globe.

Our embleme is based on offering the best quality to our clients.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best service as weel as the products they require. In the case we were not able to deal with the production, LE would take charge of its supply, no matter where it is required from, offering a complete Management, Execution, and Control of the outsourced production process and always bearing in mind our commitment regarding the quality of our products.

Our sevices include the elaboration of hight technological products through different possible processes and raw materials, from metalic components (forged, casting, and machining) to plastic components of different characteristics, being all the formerly mentioned complemented with the global outsourcing sevices.

This is a way for us to be your best and unique Industrial Partner, at any stage of your growth and development.

Our International Team and Projects Managers are working in a daily basis very closely to each client, in the local language (English, French, German, Spanish, …), making sure its specifications and concerns are clearly defined, understood,  integrated in our Business and Production Processes, and will be executed the best way to achieve client’s expectation in term of Quality, Delay and Price.